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Pretrial + Trial Strategy


Hankinson LLP is frequently retained to help shape cases for trial and to ensure that a strong foundation exists in the event of an appeal. Working in collaboration with trial teams, we bring an added dimension to trial strategy and the litigation process by leveraging our deep courtroom experience and appellate expertise. We provide added value because of our ability to anticipate and influence the ways in which pretrial and trial issues affect the client’s position in the longer term.

During the pretrial process, Hankinson LLP attorneys are called on to draft, respond, and provide argument on major dispositive motions, including summary judgment and Daubert motions. We also play an integral role at trial by consulting on preservation of error, crafting trial briefs, and drafting jury charges or findings of fact and conclusions of law. In addition, we offer ongoing guidance on obtaining evidence that provides context for the story lines that help set the stage for success in the event of an appeal. Once a trial has concluded, we often are responsible for developing or responding to post-trial motions and ensuring record preservation.


Hankinson LLP also provides more circumscribed services to potential litigants and trial teams. Before a lawsuit is filed, litigants or their trial counsel frequently ask us to evaluate their potential claims at both the trial and appellate levels. We also review and supply input on trial briefs in addition to providing lead trial counsel with a preliminary forum and sounding board for refining their trial arguments and trial strategies. Deborah Hankinson often plays an important role in the latter by reprising her role as a judge to help trial counsel anticipate court rulings and more effectively prepare for trial.