Hankinson LLP has ceased providing legal services effective September 30, 2018. Click here for details and new contact information.



Hankinson LLP is well known for its high-profile Texas appellate practice. We represent clients in the Texas Supreme Court and intermediate Texas appellate courts, as well as in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and other federal appeals courts. Our clients, who operate in many different industries, include Fortune 500 companies, regional organizations and partnerships, governmental bodies, and individuals. View an array of the appeals that our attorneys have handled involving numerous subjects in a variety of courts.

We have brought together a highly skilled group of attorneys whose collective insights bring power and depth to each appeal. After post-trial motions are decided and a notice of appeal is filed, we closely review and synthesize the trial record and consider how a particular appellate court may treat the issues. Our appellate expertise and judicial knowledge enable us to strategically position the legal issues on appeal, craft meticulous briefs, and present each client’s case with force and precision. Hankinson LLP attorneys have presented persuasive and successful oral arguments in Texas appellate courts throughout the state, as well as in federal appeals courts. Our appellate matters relate to a host of subjects and industries, including complex business and contractual disputes, oil and gas issues, and regulatory and governmental concerns.

Because of our broad-based reputation for ingenuity and excellence, we often receive requests to work in tandem with trial teams from other law firms on their Texas appeals, to consult on appellate briefs, or to assist in preparation for oral argument. We also handle and consult on procedures that originate at the appellate level, including mandamus petitions and writs of certiorari.  For critically important cases, Hankinson LLP will consider filing or contributing to amicus curiae briefs.